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 hopes to be your primary source for tourist and visitor information for Venice Florida, but there are many other good information sources as well. (If you're looking for Venice Italy, click here.)

Venice Area Chamber of Commerce

Centrally located on Venice Island, the Chamber of Commerce has information on many Venice-area businesses, and can help with relocation. More...

City of Venice Florida

City Hall, or its website, are the places to go for inquiries about official matters. More...

William H Jervey Jr Venice Public Library

Venice's excellent public library, part of the Sarasota County Library System, offers library cards at no cost to county residents, and at low cost to visitors. Inter-library loan gives you access to a plethora of books, sound and video recordings, and the library's free Wifi gives you access to the Internet. More...

Sarasota County

County government is active in Sarasota County, overseeing its systems of parks and recreation facilities, transportation and such less agreeable but essential matters as taxation. More...

Venice Area Historical Society

Compared to my hometown of Concord, Massachusetts, Venice's history is short, but no less colorful for all that. The military and—of all things—the circus have played major roles. The historical society keeps track of it all, and makes it available to you. More...

Friends of the Legacy Trail

Keeping Venice's trails open and maintained is the goal of this service organization. More...

Venice Area Beautification, Inc.

This non-profit organization works to make Venice a more attractive place to live or visit. Its stellar project was the Venetian Waterway Park. More...

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Paris Girls Secret Society, a novel by Tom Brosnahan


Venice Area Chamber of Commerce, Venice, Florida

The Venice Area Chamber of Commerce.

Public Library, Venice Florida